Reasons why the cupcake trumps cake every time

Ok, I am biased. I live and breathe cupcakes, so thinking they are superior to cake comes easily for me…but what about the rest of you?

Why are cupcakes a more attractive indulgence than cake?

Here’s what we KNOW:

  • Cupcakes are convenient
  • Cupcakes help lazy people
  • Cupcakes foster individuality
  • Cupcakes are tiny cakes, therefore, cute

Cupcakes are convenient

For bakers, making cupcakes saves a lot of energy and time that would normally go into building a cake. Not only do cupcakes cook faster, but they also tend to be much easier to decorate.

Cupcakes are portable, which makes them very convenient for the end user. Try carrying a piece of chocolate cake in your hand while driving. Not a pretty sight.

Cupcakes help lazy people

Have you considered this? You won’t need to wash any forks or knives when you choose to serve cupcakes. Cupcakes don’t even require a plate! I guess the only lazy person “issue” will be piles of wrappers left on the coffee table after said lazy persons have gorged.

Cupcakes foster individuality

When you bring friends or family into Cupprimo, they get to choose from many varieties of treats. We’ve got boozy, gluten-free, traditional, gourmet, and others. Want a mini? Yes m’am! Want a dozen full-size? We’re already boxing it up for you.

There’s also a big debate on the best way to eat a cupcake. Some say to open wide and try to get some of each element in every bite. Others remove the bottom of the cake and put it on top like a sandwich. It’s all individual preference. Which side are you on?

Cupcakes are tiny cakes, therefore, cute

It’s a universal truth that small versions of larger things are cute. Think about it. Teacup pigs? Cute. Babies? Adorable. Hold a cupcake in one hand and a slice of cake in another. I’ll bet you a gazillion dollars that the cupcake is much cuter than that piece of cake. Amplify the cuteness level by trying one of our Minis! You won’t be able to handle yourself.

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