Looking for the best Gluten Free cupcakes that Austin, Texas has to offer? Look no further. Cupprimo bakes Gluten-Free cupcakes fresh each day…. check out this  review


Gluten Free Cupcakes for the WIN! 
I usually come here for coffee, but was told that they had started making gluten free cupcakes. I was in too early for them, but figured I would come back.

OMG! And I do not say that lightly. I just brought the cupcakes home and I HAD to try one and it was luscious and so much a cupcake. There is no gluten free caveat, it was AMAZING! I have tried the strawberry but I also have a chocolate to try later and I cannot wait!

They offer two gluten free flavors and they change daily.

If you are gluten free you need to…must try these amazing cupcakes. But eat sitting down so you don’t fall over in shock.

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