Before purchasing the Groupon for 12 cupcakes, I read the overall reviews to make sure it was a bust.  It had good overall ratings (a few complaints about rude employees), so I went for it.

So after reading the details to the Groupon, I decided to call in my order 2 days in advance (it says at least 24 hours notice).  Don’t see the big deal about this…some complaints here are all pissed cause they didn’t get their order, when the instructions are as clear as can be.

First experience:  Super nice phone call answer, put in my order, gave all the details they needed, and asked a few questions about their cupcakes.  Very good overall interaction throughout the entire call.

I was a bit skeptical that, because it was a Groupon, my order would be half-assed (older cupcakes, dried out, reject flavors).  It was a gamble that’s for sure, but I went for it…..glad I did!  When I got there at noon Friday (when I said I’d be there), my order was ready to go.  Girl working the counter was very nice, showed me the cupcakes (which looked freaking amazing!), and gave me a rundown of the flavors.  She also gave me a very helpful pointer of NOT refrigerating them before serving since they were baked fresh that morning and would dry out if refrigerated. I even called back and asked if it was OK to leave them out for a few hours…she assured me to just leave them in box, in a cool place and they’d be fine.  Again, very nice and helpful when I called to ask.

So when it came down to eating the cupcakes, they all tasted just as good as they looked…which was amazing.  Not dried out at all, super moist….they were definitely not old cupcakes!  Everyone in the party who had a cupcake loved them, so that was 10 different opinions, all were positive!

Overall, cupcakes were great (both look and taste), experience with employees was as good as I could have asked for, and I will definitely be back in the future….as well as recommend them to others in the market for cupcakes.


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