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We can customize and design cupcakes for any occasion to your specific need and desire. You can order cupcakes in our store or contact us 512.335.7746. We are an Austin original bakery creating fresh, fun, and flavorful cupcakes each and every day!


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A brand spanking new cupcake hit the case last month. A cupcake that has been begged for, suggested and basically demanded. Since we are so accommodating we did it.. And it sold out 9 times. Our customers are such foodie’s they know a hit when they lick it. So come try this cupcake today. The […]


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Can you resist? Doubtful. This is one of our most delicious cupcakes. It’s the perfect cupcake for birthdays and events where you want your friend’s taste buds to surrender to full joy! Nobody will be able to easily forget your cupcake generosity when you offer up a taste of our Stawberry-licious Strawberry cupcake.


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The crazy cupprimo mixologists are at it again.  Concocting Austin’s most original and tasty treats.  Most recently we are fixated on cherry and lime… to unlikely friends that together make something beautiful, (cue the sappy music). This supreme spring friend is layered cherry and lime cake…2 frostings, garnished with a summertime cherry…. Check it out, […]


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You might remember me. I’m Sir Delicious. I ran your childhood dreams. My chocolate laden brownie filled heart brought warm sweet goodness to your belly. Save my toppings for a sweet escape. Brownie Sundae is more comforting than he is sassy so don’t be afraid.


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I love window shopping! I often wonder what it’s like for our first time customers who come into the store. Our staff is so amazing and they must see hundreds of people a week. When I window shop my curiosity gets the best of me and that little gift or piece just compels me! Coming […]


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It is the time of the year when those persistent young ladies ring our doorbells to offer their cookie perfection. To celebrate this momentous time, Cupprimo will be throwing down and offering a thin mint sensation cupcake..  tomorrow, Saturday the 28th, …  and because customers on facebook professed their devotion to this cookie and taunted us…teased us.. and […]


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We know. Mondays are hard on everyone. I bet getting to Cupprimo was fraught with distractions on all sides. But guess what? Tuesday is just a night’s worth of sleep away. Rise and shine and come in for the cupcakes of the day. Brownie Sunday Italian Creme Chocolate Hazlenut Strawberry See… it’s not so bad. […]