Brag Much?

posted on    5 Star review  11/2/2012

I am an absolute cake addict and Cupprimo has many options to feed my habit.  My favorite is the lemon raspberry, but a new flavor peaked my interest today.  Chocolate A-salt is crazy good!  The mix of sweet, chocolatey, with a hint of salt makes my taste buds jump up and shout.
I have had many other cupcakes around town, and I pretty well like them all.  These are the only ones I will drive across town for.  I check their website for new flavors, and flavors of the day.  I like the texture of the cake, it not the oily texture some places end up with while trying to stay moist.  The icing is always rich and decadent.
The minis allow me to sample a few flavors without feeling icky or too guilty.  I also use the minis at my marketing job as treats for clients.  Great price and memorable.   They also have gluten free that my gluten intolerant friends say is the best in town for taste and texture.
Cannot wait to see what flavors they come up with next!


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